3 More Ways To Create a Family-Friendly Bathroom Without Sacrificing Style

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Having a bathroom that is both stylish and secure space for your children is what every family bathroom needs. This blog carries on from our first family bathroom blog to give you 3 more ways to create a family friendly bathroom without sacrificing style.

1. Keep Harmful Items Out of the Way

Your bathroom is home to a number of items that can be dangerous to the health of your loved ones, including medication, cleaning products and sharp stationery items. One of the most common resolutions to dangerous products being within arms reach of children is to install childproof locks on cabinets. However, these locks are not visually appealing and compromise the style of your bathroom.

Instead of child-proof locks, we suggest that you move the items to higher shelves. Installing closed wall-mounted cabinets at a height that is out of reach for children will maintain the need for safety and style.

2. A Safe Toilet

A source of paranoia for most parents is the fear that their children’s fingers will get slammed in the toilet seat. So, installing a new toilet seat with safety features is the best way to prevent any injuries. American Standard’s Acacia Evolution Wall Hung Pan toilet is the perfect solution. Its features include a slow-close seat, dual flush, water saving attributes and is easy to clean through its rimless design.

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3. Install Non-Slip Floors

One of the most serious risks in your bathroom is the possibility that you or your children might slip and fall. Quite often the only solution to wet and slippery floors is to be cautious and tread carefully to avoid slipping over. A simple and much safer solution that makes getting out of the bathtub and shower less of a risk is to install a non-slip floor. These flooring options come in an array of colours and textures so you can find the perfect design that suits your style.

Using these tips, you can create the perfect family bathroom that combines both safety and style.