5 Unpredictable Toilet Situations People Get Themselves Into

Toilet humor might be staple material for less creative comics, but awkward situations in the bathroom are usually anything but funny in reality. Say hello to the next era of derrière self-care: American Standard leverages on over 50 years of shower toilet expertise from one of LIXIL’s portfolio of brands – INAX, offering a range of Spalet products – shower toilets, e-bidets and manual bidets, providing an ultimate peace of mind when it comes to unexpected toilet situations. Scroll on to see how these toilet emergencies will be things of the past with pampering solutions.

1) Toilet paper emergencies

Running out of toilet paper is a more common problem than you think. Nature pays a sudden call, you dash into the bathroom, and before you know it, you’re trapped without toilet paper. Fret no longer, because our Spalet products present an enhanced hygiene system without the need for wipes. Inject technology into your daily loo cleansing routine with Spalets and enjoy a luxe shower for your rear with multiple spray modes.

2) The weak flush

Let’s face it: An inconsistent or weak flush can cause quite the headache at times, particularly when contents are stuck in the toilet or the dreaded skid marks being the epitome of loo boo-boos.

Featuring the Siphon Jet flushing technology in American Standard shower toilets, it uses a dynamic vacuum mechanism with side water jets to create a powerful swirl that effectively rinses the toilet, ensuring a gleaming, impeccable bowl.

3) Wet messes

Bid adieu to messy hand-held trigger sprays! For anybody who has used one, you would know that it is a challenge controlling the power and trajectory of the spray, causing your clothes to get wet or the entire bathroom floor to be dampened, posing a safety hazard for kids and the elderly living in the home.

The Spalet is a convenient, efficient and clean solution for washing up with its zero-mess design. The smart bidet provides the right angle for a thorough cleanse, and the spray pressure and water temperature can be controlled with a push of a button, allowing better control in water strength without getting your hand or floor wet.

4) Unexpected bathroom noises

Everyone’s had that awkward experience: whether you have a bathroom with slightly thin walls or at public washrooms, we have had to deal with embarrassing sounds when in the loo. Some of us flush in advance to create some background noise; while some might clear your throats. With Spalet, some models come with built-in relaxing music functions which can be activated out of courtesy to those within earshot to alleviate potential embarrassment.

5) Unpleasant bathroom smells

Nasty odors while using the loo is another common problem that arises, and masking the odors can be quite the chore.

Worry no more, because our Spalet products have a deodorizer function that automatically activates once the user is seated. The nifty feature neutralizes unwanted odors without the need for overpowering chemical fragrances, including the use of charcoal filters and fans to prevent any lingering scents.

Now, you can flush away such common bathroom woes and trust American Standard to find the right so-loo-tion to your toilet situation!

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