An Evolution in Bathrooms

Blog An Evolution in Bathrooms

You want your bathroom to be the perfect balance of functionality and pleasing aesthetics, of practicality and breathtaking design. In order to achieve this, costs can often be high and products sometimes still don’t seem to deliver all they’ve promised.

These days are over thanks to American Standard. The Acacia Evolution Collection offers highly intuitive technology combined with a modern, tranquil design that will make these pieces the highlight of any bathroom.

Perhaps the most exciting technology featured in the range can be found in the collection’s toilets.

Proguard is a revolutionary new technology that inhibits the build-up of water stains on ceramic surfaces, making cleaning your toilet an easier experience than ever before. Conventional toilets allow silica to bond on ceramic, eventually leading to jagged surfaces that accumulate dirt and silica that become harder and harder to remove over time. Proguard preserves the cleanliness of ceramic surfaces by allowing water to glide off effortlessly, preventing the build up of silica and dirt and therefore eliminating the threat of water stains.

The standards of flushing have been redefined thanks to the toilets’ double vortex system. The design of the bowl enables water to be propelled forward in a way that creates strong momentum and removes stains that ordinary flushing would fail to remove. Unlike traditional wash down toilets, the water is ejected through two water openings creating a vortex flush that cleans the bowl completely. The dual openings also means a rimless design, so no dirt will accumulate over time.

Make the most out of your bathroom with American Standard’s Acacia Evolution Collection, the perfect balance of form and function.