First Home Buyers Guide To Transform Small Bathrooms

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We all dream of having a spacious and luxurious bathroom, but for the first home buyer this is often out of reach. For many, buying a budget-friendly home or apartment with a decent sized bathroom that requires minimal renovation is a rarity – and so, a small and restrictive bathroom is usually settled for. Don’t stress though, it is possible to make your tiny bathroom look and feel spacious. We have highlighted the top four tips and to help you achieve your dream bathroom, while simultaneously increasing the value of your first home!

Keep it light

A pale colour palette has the power to instantly make a bathroom feel large, open and inviting. This is one of the easiest ways to transform a small and dark bathroom into a light and airy haven. The key is to keep it simple with a white or monochrome colour scheme for the walls, tiles and vanity. Try to avoid intertwining many textures as less is certainly more in a small bathroom. Your bathroom will feel twice as big, while giving it a modern and minimalistic makeover. Leave any hints of colour for the decor such as a touch of greenery to add warmth and character.

Go big on the mirror

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a large mirror can make to a small space! The reflected light will give the illusion of a more spacious bathroom, while adding a decorative touch. Try to situate the mirror adjacent to a window to reflect the space outside of the bathroom and natural light, ultimately helping you save money on artificial lighting. In terms of style, opt for a circular mirror to create a trendy and modern look!

Raise it up

Now this solution is possibly the most expensive but is a valuable long-term investment for your first property. Raised or ‘floating’ installations such as the vanity, toilet and cabinets are pioneers at maximising the look and feel of a small bathroom as more floor space is revealed. Most homes come with a traditional two-piece toilet which are bulky and consume valuable space, so investing in a wall-hung pans with a concealed cistern will transform your bathroom dramatically.

Farewell shower frame

The traditional shower stall designed with metal framing takes up considerable space in a small bathroom, so it is worth upgrading to a modern alternative. By replacing the shower stall with a glass panel walk-in structure, there is less visual clutter and opens up the entire room.

Buying your first home is an exciting yet expensive time, but you shouldn’t have to compromise on having the bathroom of your dreams. With these top tips to maximise the space in your bathroom, you will be making a valuable investment into your property for many generations to come.