How to Keep the Zen in Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom should be a place for long showers and warm bubble baths, a place where you can relax. With these simple tips, you can ensure your bathroom is always your space to unwind and de-stress after a long day.

Less Mess

Bathrooms should be well organised and maintained to make the most of the space available. If your bathroom becomes cluttered with mess and unnecessary, unused items you will quickly feel overwhelmed and this place of relaxation can become a nightmare! Reduce the clutter and store your items neatly in the vanity or in matching containers so they look tidy if left on display. Reduce the clutter, to increase your relaxation.

Minimise the chores

Cleaning the bathroom requires time and effort and is not the most exciting item on the to-do list! We would all rather be lying in a warm bath and taking in the bathroom serenity. Our Acacia Evolution Collection is a great choice if you’re looking to cut down your cleaning time – getting you out of those yellow gloves and into that bubble bath! The Acacia Evolution toilet range is designed with Proguard Technology to inhibit the build-up of water stains. The toilets are built with our Double Vortex Flushing Technology, washing waste away while cleaning the bowl at the same time and with quick release toilet seats they’re super easy to wipe down and clean. So, relax and let our Acacia Evolution technology do the hard work!

It’s all in the design

A floating design can create an open and clutter free bathroom, ticking all the boxes for a Zen space. Choosing a vessel basin or semi inset basin will allow you to opt for a floating vanity that doesn’t require the additional space a traditional, drop-in basin requires. Acacia Evolution’s wall hung pan toilet is a great option for a floating design, creating even more space with it’s in-wall cistern design.

Your bathroom is the ultimate place for relaxation, keep it that way by reducing the clutter, cleaning and occupied floor space. For more handy bathroom tips and design inspiration, check out our Instagram!