These 10 Reasons Will Make You Want A Spalet In Your Toilet Now

10 reasons spalet

It’s no surprise that the place where you answer nature’s call is also the ideal place for bacteria growth.

So how can we raise hygiene standards in your bathroom, specifically the toilet bowl?

Nailing the three core traits of an all-rounded toilet –hygiene, comfort and convenience—is simply a matter of installing a bidet. You will be surprised at how much innovations go into our Spalet products to make life better for you and your loved ones.

At American Standard, our range of Spalet products offer you a variety of manual bidets, electronic bidets and shower toilets to suit your budget, style and personal cleansing habits.


1. Anti-bacterial technology

E.coli (Escherichia coli) is a common fecal-borne bacteria, and when we're talking about toilets, they are the ideal platforms for contamination.

You can easily come into contact with E.coli and suffer conditions such as diarrhoea and abdominal cramping. Our American Standard range of Spalet products feature anti-bacteria technology on seat and cover, nozzles and the remote control panel so you have peace of mind. ComfortClean technology –a permanent layer of anti-bacterial glaze fired into the porcelain to prevent growth of E.Coli, odour causing bacteria, mould and mildew. The ComfortClean technology will also be applied to selected Spalet models in 2018.

2. Dual nozzle cleansing

As the saying goes, two is better than one. Dual nozzles provide dedicated front and rear cleansing, plus they are detachable for easy cleaning. Dual nozzles also minimize any risk of cross contamination. In fact, with an American Standard bidet, our nozzles are also self- cleaning and made from anti-bacterial materials. Some of our seat rims are also SIAA certified for anti-bacterial efficacy.

The ladies will delight in the fact that one of the nozzles is specifically designed for feminine cleansing, and comes with feminine air bubble function – the water is infused with air bubbles to bathe a lady’s delicate region in a comfortable and soothing wash. To further enhance hygiene standards, the dual nozzle tips self-rinse before and after use to remove all traces of dirt and bacteria.

3. Precise cleansing angle

Wouldn’t it be revolting to have water that was used for posterior cleansing be splashed back all over the bidet nozzles and toilet bowl? That is why our Spalets’ nozzles are designed to project water sprays at an angle larger than 70-degrees. At this optimised angle, the Spalet perfectly balances thorough cleansing and toilet hygiene. You don’t have to worry about backsplash on your nozzles or all over your toilet bowl.


4. Cleaner than toilet rolls

Indeed, this poses a baffling question: Why do we wash our hands and faces with water, but not our posteriors? Spalets make a strong case for being a toilet essential that users never thought they needed, simply because of the comfort it offers – comfort that you can control to your preferences (water spray strength, water temperature etc). Plus, it is an absolute ‘posterior saver’ especially if one is having a bad bout of diarrhoea. Using a soothing stream of water to cleanse is more welcoming than repetitive manual wiping!

5. Safety in mind

The three pillars of safety standards –thermal, electrical and fire—are put in place via the use of flame retardant materials and built-in safety systems. Users can then go about their daily grooming and cleansing routines with complete peace of mind.

6. Heated Seat

In temperate climates, nothing displeases toilet users more than the shockingly frigid seats in the morning. In addition to the seat warming feature of shower toilets, the temperature can also be adjusted according to your preference.

7. Soothing users with medical conditions

Bathroom visits can be very unpleasant affairs for haemorrhoids sufferer, and this is where Spalets can come in to soothe such discomfort. Cleansing with a gentler water spray strength would definitely prove to be a much comfortable choice than aggravating abrasions with rough toilet paper.


8. No more wet mess

Traditional dippers or trigger sprays do not offer much control and makes the toilet seat and floor wet. Wet and slippery floors can be highly dangerous especially with little children, pregnant mothers or the elderly in the house. With the Spalet, your toilet seat and floor (and your hands!) remain dry, giving you additional peace of mind.

9. Easy Installation

Manual and electronic bidets offer an easy upgrade to existing toilets and provide you with the perfect reason to elevate your personal hygiene experience. We offer a list of best matching manual and electronic bidets for your existing toilets and installation is as easy as slotting the bidets on in a matter of minutes. And you can do this yourself!

10. A bespoke cleansing experience

Even though Spalets are already engineered to cleanse at an optimum angle, the customisations users can find on the remote offer a bespoke cleansing experience. Varying intensity modes, temperature and nozzle positioning (even a massage function) may all be adjusted according to personal preferences for posterior and feminine cleansing.

With the Spalet, get ready to raise your bathroom standards in Hygiene, Comfort and Convenience.

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