Top Tips To Create A Bathroom Buyers Will Love

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Selling your home is an important decision, and we believe you should feel proud and confident about what your home has to offer. For prospective buyers, the bathroom is a necessary feature of the property. If you have concerns about the layout or atmosphere of your bathroom, here are some tips to create a space to attract buyers.


It’s important that the aesthetic is adaptable and has an on-trend appeal. By using neutral colours such as shades of white, beige, taupe and grey can enhance the elegance. This blank canvas gives the buyer freedom to add accessories and style the bathroom to create their very own personal haven.

It’s also an excellent idea to garnish the bathroom as a tranquil space that the buyer can imagine themselves relaxing in after a long day at work. Don’t be afraid to add pretty soaps, bath oils or candles to invigorate the senses and connect with prospective buyers.

Ideally, create a bathroom that looks presentable and easy to maintain. Fixing the tiling can completely revamp your bathroom – this includes removing grout stains, damaged tiles, and mould. Additionally, ditch those cleaning products that have sat in the bottom of your shower for months. While they’re necessities, their presence can make buyers feel like they’re walking into an overcrowded space, when indeed it should feel like they are walking into their dream bathroom.


Whether it be a four-person jacuzzi or a bathroom with ample storage, it’s imperative that space suit the typical everyday life of the buyers.

Storage space is necessary to add value to the home and simultaneously prevents children from harming themselves with dangerous cleaning chemicals. Extra storage can be framed by replacing cupboards with drawers and floating shelves on the walls. People tend to take pride in the way they look, meaning that large mirrors are also a must in any bathroom. The mirror should fill the space above the sink to create an illusion of a larger room in the minds of prospective buyers.


Prospective buyers will be more willing to buy a house if they know that it has features to help them save money on water and electricity bills. To combat the power usage of light fixtures, embrace natural lighting through windows and skylights. Homeowners can add a frosted tint to intensify the privacy of the home.

Fitting water conserving shower heads, faucets and toilets is a great idea to create a cost-effective bathroom. The cost of water heating is a massive burden on homeowners. Therefore, high energy rated hot water systems are another considerable benefit buyers will be on the lookout for in their search for the perfect home. Consider these tips to transform your bathroom into a memorising space that’ll boost homebuyers interest on auction day.