Transform Your Bathroom Into A Tropical Oasis

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When you think of the beach, what do you imagine? A tranquil atmosphere? Cool, rolling waves? Sunshine? The crisp air? Well, now you can invoke all these positive feelings in your bathroom with our top four tips to transform your bathroom into a tropical-themed paradise.

1. Balanced colour palette

The beach embodies two environments – sandy shores and the deep blue sea. When designing your tropical themed bathroom, it is best to embody these two different settings through a balanced and subtle palette.

For a splash of the ocean, try cool tones – turquoise, teal, aqua and white. These hues introduce a sense of calm and serenity usually felt when diving into the refreshing sea. To bring a feel of the warm sand into the room, consider earthy tones such as beige, cream, orange and even light pink. These colours will balance the cool ocean tones, creating a comfortable and homely look to remind you of basking on the warm sandy shores – minus the invasive granules that is!

Depending on your preference, you can mix and match these colours as you like – experiment with turquoise floor tiles as a focal point, or paint an accent wall a soft beige. The possibilities are endless when combining warm and cool tones to achieve your desired beachy aesthetic.

2. Accessorise your oasis

To add little coastal charm to your modern bathroom, scatter a few unique accessories. To achieve this look, less is more! A few seashells or coral placed across the vanity or shelving creates an instant beachy appeal, which can be complemented with larger decor such as a wall- hung macrame feature. To bring a bit of that beachy colour into the room, hang a couple of earthy-toned feature towels for a laid-back look.

The beach is full of natural and organic beauty, and this can be channelled by adding touches of greenery to space. Don’t forget about the fixtures – by installing minimalistic elements such as a smooth vessel basin or streamlined wall-hung pan can genuinely complement the look.

3. Light and airy atmosphere

The sea breeze has refreshing and invigorating qualities, much like how your bathroom could feel by allowing the light and air to flow in. By making use of large windows, a skylight and mirrors can help enhance the atmosphere of the room. These reflect natural light around the room, creating an open and inviting space. For windows, consider light linen curtains that’ll flutter in the breeze while providing privacy. To further open up space, avoid clutter as this prevents necessary breathability that a truly coastal bathroom must encompass.

Now you can transform your bathroom into a tropical oasis that you’ll make you feel like you’re bathing in a coastal luxury!